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CREC Statement on the Federal Vision


The CREC and “the Federal Vision”

In light of the current controversy among some in the Reformed community—a controversy that has come to be known as “The Federal Vision” — the CREC affirms the following:

The CREC is a broad confederation of Reformed churches and thus it represents a variety of views within the scope of historic Reformed thinking. While some of our member churches, and some of the officers in these member churches, hold to various aspects of the Federal Vision school of thought, other members hold differing views. Nevertheless, both positions fall within the pale of historic Reformed theology. The CREC, like other Reformed denominations, represents a range of theological thought and practice. The constitution and confessions of the CREC define the parameters of our confederation.

On Behalf of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches

Rev. Randy Booth — Presiding Minister of Council
(Approved by Presiding Ministers of Presbytery)