Missionaries & Mission Orgs

Missionaries & Mission Organizations

Bakwé Mission / Csaba & Lisa Leidenfrost

Southwest Côte d’Ivoire

Overview of Ministry: This mission work in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) centers upon translating the Scriptures into the Bakwé language and providing training for indigenous teachers to teach their people how to read and write.

Commissioning Church: Csaba Leidenfrost and his family have been commissioned by Christ Church (Moscow, ID) for this ministry, while serving under the auspices of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Partnering Churches: Christ Church (Moscow, ID)

Pawel Bartosik

Gdansk, Poland

Overview of Ministry: Pawel engages in pastoral and outreach ministry in Gdansk.

Commissioning Church: Evangelical Reformed Church (Wroclaw, Poland). Pawel is ordained in the CREC.

Partnering Churches: Providence Church (Lynchburg, VA)

Attila Hajdu / Reformed Evangelical Church of Diósd

Diósd, Hungary

Overview of Ministry: Mission church in Hungary.

Commissioning Church: Commissioned, ordained and overseen by Evangelical Reformed Church (Poznan, Poland).

Partnering Churches: Evangelical Reformed Church (Poznan, Poland); Covenant Bible Church (Chugiak, Alaska); Cornerstone Reformed Church (Carbondale, IL)

Ralph Smith / Mitaka Evangelical Church

Tokyo, Japan

Overview of Ministry: Ralph Smith pastors Mitake Evangelical Church; engages in ESL evangelism; provides biblical and theological education through Covenant Worldview Institute; and does extensive biblical-theological writing.

Commissioning Church: Ralph Smith receives commissioning and oversight from Christ Covenant Church (Langley, BC, Canada).

Partnering Churches: Christ Covenant Church (Langley, BC)

Wayne Southerland / Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship

Carbondale, IL

Overview of Ministry: Director of Carbondale Ministry Center; ministry among students at Southern Illinois University.

Commissioning Church: Cornerstone Reformed Church (Carbondale, IL) ordained, commissioned and oversees Mr Southerland’s ministry.

Partnering Churches: Cornerstone Reformed Church (Carbondale, IL)

Pastor Oleg Volkov / Reformed Presbyterian Church

St Petersburg, Russia

Overview of Ministry: Missionary, currently doing church planting and seminary training in Central Asia.

Commissioning Church: Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (Nacogdoches, TX)