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These congregations reflect the catholicity of the Reformed tradition.

These congregations reflect the catholicity of the Reformed tradition.

Special Projects
Joint Eastern European Project (JEEP)
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Missionaries & Mission Orgs
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Special Projects

Joint Eastern European Project (JEEP)

Overview of Ministry: JEEP arose due to the particular challenges of geography and need within Anselm Presbytery (which spreads over Japan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, the USA, and Canada). Due to the sheer distance involved, the presbytery is only able to meet together once a year for official business and is unable to get together for fellowship or other informal occasions. With many mission churches needing encouragement, prayers, and financial support, several of Anselm’s established churches worked together to form the Joint Eastern European Project to assist North American CREC churches that do not have the resources, time or ability to determine for themselves the needs of the churches in Eastern Europe.

All JEEP funding recipients are fully accountable to the JEEP board and are vetted so contributors can be assured their donations are being used to good effect. JEEP retains no administrative fees and all donations are passed along to European congregations in full.

Please visit the newly-revised JEEP website for further infomation and to subscribe to the newsletter. Donations for JEEP can be sent to Covenant Bible Church (Chugiak, AK). Please make out any checks for JEEP to Covenant Bible Church and put JEEP on the memo line. Donations can also be made via PayPal.

Sponsoring Churches: Reformation Covenant Church (Oregon City, OR); Covenant Bible Church (Chugiak, AK); Trinity Church (Coeurd'Alene, ID); Cornerstone Reformed Church (Carbondale, IL); All Saints Church (Akron, PA); Christ Covenant Church (Langley, BC [PCA]).


Mission Churches, Plants, Indigenous Churches

Please note that in this context, the term "mission churches" refers more specifically to a "sending" and "evangelistic"-type church planting work, compared to how the same term is used in the "churches" section of this site. There is of course overlap, and all of our churches do seek to be "missional."

Roy Alden Atwood/Albania Church Plant

Buçimas, Pogradec, Albania

Overview of Ministry: Deputy Head (Vice Rector) for Academic and Institutional Development of Nehemiah Gateway University; church planter and student pastoring on the University campus; and pulpit supply for evangelical churches in eastern Albania.

Commissioning Church: Cornerstone Reformed Church (Carbondale, IL) commissioned (with cooperation from Trinity Reformed Church, Moscow, ID), supports, and oversees Dr. Atwood's ministry.

Partnering Churches: Cornerstone Reformed Church (Carbondale, IL), in cooperation with the indigenous Apostolic Church of Pogradec, Albania.

Igreja de Cristo (Christ Church)

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Overview of Ministry: Supported Church.

Commissioning Church: Providence Church (Pensacola, FL)

CREC Poland

(various cities in Poland)

Overview of Ministry: Indigenous churches.

Commissioning Church: N/A.

Partnering Churches: Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (Monroe, LA)

Joost Nixon/Training Leaders International

Service Base: Twin Cities, MN

Overview of Ministry: TLI provides biblical and theological training to leaders in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Joost Nixon oversees the work of long term theological training for TLI.

Commissioning Churches: Commissioned by Christ Church (Spokane); overseen by Christ Church Twin Cities (Minneapolis).

Partnering Churches: Christ Covenant Reformed Church (Billings, MT), Christ Covenant Church (Enterprise, OR), Christ Church (Spokane), Christ Church Twin Cities (Minneapolis), Holy Trinity Church (Colville, WA)

Reformed Church of Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Overview of Ministry: Mission church.

Commissioning Church: Rivne Biblical Church (Rivne, Ukraine)

Partnering Churches: [?]

Rivne Biblical Church

Rivne, Ukraine

Overview of Ministry: Church.

Commissioning Church: N/A: full member church of the CREC.

Partnering Churches: Covenant Bible Church (Chugiak, Alaska)

Missionaries & Mission Organizations

Bakwé Mission / Csaba & Lisa Leidenfrost

Southwest Côte d’Ivoire

Overview of Ministry: This mission work in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) centers upon translating the Scriptures into the Bakwé language and providing training for indigenous teachers to teach their people how to read and write.

Commissioning Church: Csaba Leidenfrost and his family have been commissioned by Christ Church (Moscow, ID) for this ministry, while serving under the auspices of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Partnering Churches: Christ Church (Moscow, ID)

Pawel Bartosik

Gdansk, Poland

Overview of Ministry: Pawel engages in pastoral and outreach ministry in Gdansk.

Commissioning Church: Evangelical Reformed Church (Wroclaw, Poland). Pawel is ordained in the CREC.

Partnering Churches: Providence Church (Lynchburg, VA)

Attila Hajdu / Reformed Evangelical Church of Diósd

Diósd, Hungary

Overview of Ministry: Mission church in Hungary.

Commissioning Church: Commissioned, ordained and overseen by Evangelical Reformed Church (Poznan, Poland).

Partnering Churches: Evangelical Reformed Church (Poznan, Poland); Covenant Bible Church (Chugiak, Alaska); Cornerstone Reformed Church (Carbondale, IL)

Ralph Smith / Mitaka Evangelical Church

Tokyo, Japan

Overview of Ministry: Ralph Smith pastors Mitake Evangelical Church; engages in ESL evangelism; provides biblical and theological education through Covenant Worldview Institute; and does extensive biblical-theological writing.

Commissioning Church: Ralph Smith receives commissioning and oversight from Christ Covenant Church (Langley, BC, Canada).

Partnering Churches: Christ Covenant Church (Langley, BC)

Wayne Southerland / Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship

Carbondale, IL

Overview of Ministry: Director of Carbondale Ministry Center; ministry among students at Southern Illinois University.

Commissioning Church: Cornerstone Reformed Church (Carbondale, IL) ordained, commissioned and oversees Mr Southerland’s ministry.

Partnering Churches: Cornerstone Reformed Church (Carbondale, IL)

Pastor Oleg Volkov / Reformed Presbyterian Church

St Petersburg, Russia

Overview of Ministry: Missionary, currently doing church planting and seminary training in Central Asia.

Commissioning Church: Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (Nacogdoches, TX)

Teaching Ministries

Isaac & Faith Madsen / African Christian University

Lusaka, Zambia

Overview of Ministry: Dr. Isaac Madsen serves as an instructor in the agriculture department of African Christian University (ACU). The mission of ACU is “to educate students from the Christian worldview in the historic and contemporary body of truths through the classical liberal arts and sciences for all vocations and spheres of life by developing students’ discernment, discipling holistically, and equipping with practical skills.”

Commissioning Church: King’s Cross Church (Moscow, ID)

Partnering Churches: Christ Covenant Churchj (Wallowa, OR)


Also see above, Slavic Reformation Society; Ralph Smith, under our Missionaries section.

Ministerial Training

Reformed Evangelical Seminary

Overview of Ministry: Reformed Evangelical Seminary is an online pastoral and church leadership educational and training ministry. Established in 2023, the Seminary’s mission is to “assist the church in equipping pastors and leaders in orthodoxy and orthodoxy rooted Reformed catholicity.” President: Dr. Roy Atwood.

Founding Churches: Reformation Covenant Church (Oregon City, OR); Trinity Reformed Church (Moscow, ID); All Saints Presbyterian Church (Fort Worth, TX)

Board of Directors and Affiliated Churches:
Timothy van den Broek,Board Chairman, Executive Committee Member, Teaching Elder, Trinity Reformed Church, Moscow, ID
Rev. Bo Cogbill, Board Secretary, Executive Committee Member, Pastor, Reformation Covenant Church, Oregon City, OR
Rev. Dr. Steve Jeffery, Executive Committee Member, Pastor, All Saints Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, TX
Rev. Virgil Hurt, Pastor, Providence Church, Lynchburg, VA
Rev. Rob Hadding, Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Sulphur, LA
Rev. Randy Booth, Pastor, Grace Covenant Church, Nacogdoches, TX
Rev. Ralph Smith, Pastor Emeritus, Mitaka Evangelical Church, Tokyo, Japan

Other Christian Service

Ketura Meyer / Bless China International

Bless China International Qiu Shui Tai, Unit 1, 7th Floor Qiu Yuan Residential Center West Hill District, Kunming, Yunnan, P.R. China Post Code: 650118

Overview of Ministry: Ketura is language learning and serving BCI as she investigates her calling under the oversight of the Christ Church missions committee; BCI serves the poor and marginalised in a wide variety of avenues of service, such as medical and dental, agricultural, HIV/AIDS prevention, education, community development and water projects, and a great deal more.

Commissioning Church: Overseen by Christ Church (Moscow, ID) missions committee.

Partnering Churches: Christ Church (Moscow, ID)


Indigenous Churches

CREC Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar

Overview of Ministry: Indigenous church work.

Partnering Churches:TBA.

Emmanuel Evangelical Church

North London, UK

Overview of Ministry: Church plant.

Partnering Churches: Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (Monroe, LA)

Missionaries and Mission Organizations

Rick Box


Overview of Ministry: Unavailable at this time.

Partnering Churches: Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (Monroe, LA)

Peru Mission

P.O. Box 53363 Knoxville, TN 37950

Overview of Ministry: Peru Mission focuses upon urban church planting and Christian community development throughout Peru. The Mission also engages in whole-person ministries through such means as a medical and dental clinic in Trujillo.

Partnering Churches: Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (Nacogdoches, TX); Immanuel Presbyterian Church (Clinton, MS); Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (Monroe, LA; provides support for Wes Baker and Arevalo Church)

Hope Russia

5999 Custer Rd, STE 110-346, McKinney, TX 75035

Overview of Ministry: From its base in St Petersburg, Russia, where it maintains The Biblical Seminary, Hope Russia (formerly the Slavic Reformation Society) ministers to Eastern Eurasia, particularly the former Soviet Union, focusing upon training indigenous church leadership.

Partnering Churches: Christ the Redeemer Church (Pella, IA); Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (Monroe, LA); Church of the King (Louisville, MS; non-budgeted support).

Teaching Ministries

Biblical Horizons

P.O. Box 1096, Niceville, FL 32588

Overview of Ministry: Teaching ministry of James B. Jordan, aimed at enriching the Church’s understanding of Scripture and how it applies to a wide spectrum of areas including liturgy, theology, and society.

Partnering Churches: Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (Monroe, LA)

Francis and Donna Foucachon / Huguenot Heritage

Lompnieu, France

Overview of Ministry: (More information to follow.)

Partnering Churches: Christ Church (Moscow, ID); Trinity Church (Moscow, ID)

Reformation Christian Ministries

Overview of Ministry: Education-oriented ministry providing Reformed seminary and college-level training as well as Bible studies.

Relationship to CREC: Budgeted support.

Supporting Churches: Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (Monroe, LA)

Other Christian Service

Bangalore Orphanage

Overview of Ministry: No further details at this time.

Partnering Churches: Christ Reformed Church (Meeker, CO)

The Children’s Home

P.O. Bhogpur, Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand 248143 India

Overview of Ministry: The Children’s Home cares for underprivileged children, particularly from communities ravaged by leprosy.

Partnering Churches: Christ Covenant Church (Enterprise, OR)

Christ Mission Ashram


Overview of Ministry: Not available at this time.

Partnering Churches: Reformation Covenant Church (Oregon City, OR)

Covenant Children’s Home (PMI)

Manipur, Northeast India

Overview of Ministry: Orphanage caring for 135 orphans from Manipur and Mizoram in northeast India.

Partnering Churches: Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (Monroe, LA)


526 W. Genesee Suite #4, Frankenmuth, MI 48734

Overview of Ministry/Service: Donate-a-Smile provides dental equipment and materials for dental professionals working in impoverished regions underserved by dentistry.

Partnering Churches: Grace Covenant Presbyterian Chruch (Nacogdoches, TX)

Mission Aviation Fellowship

P.O. Box 47, Nampa, ID 83653

Overview of Ministry: MAF serves as a partner to many Christian organizations to help spread the gospel and Christian service to isolated peoples.

Partnering Churches: Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (Nampa, ID)